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Real Littles Trolls Backpacks Poppy

Real Littles Trolls Backpacks Poppy

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Real Littles Trolls - Band Together Backpacks: these cute and extremely colorful Backpacks are filled with the cutest mini collectible surprises to find! Your child's favorite Trolls characters have become mini Backpacks including Poppy, Branch, Viva and Satin & Chenille! Each adorable little Backpack is themed using the coolest sparkly materials and finishes. In each Backpack there are 6 of the cutest Trolls themed stationery surprises! What will be inside? These are tiny toy school supplies made mini, but they all really work! There could be tiny Pencil Cases, Novelty Pens, Erasers, Notebooks, Postcards, Stickers and more! Each Micro Pack Backpack has a clip to hang it from a schoolbag or jeans! There are so many surprises to find. There are 4 different Trolls - Band Together Backpack themes. It's fun collecting them all and swapping and sharing them with friends to create the ultimate Trolls micro stationery collection! Trolls - Band Together Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

  • 1 x Toy Backpack
  • 6 x Surprise Toy Accessories
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