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Kinetic Sand Flowfetti Tube

Kinetic Sand Flowfetti Tube

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4oz Kinetic Sand, 1 Roller/Mold, 2 Stamplers/Lids, 1 Bonus Tool, 200 Confetti Shapes

Kinetic Sand Flowfetti, 4oz Sand with Glitter Mix-ins (Styles May Vary),

Introducing Kinetic Sand Flowfetti, a dazzling new way to play with Kinetic Sand! This 4oz play sand set is perfect for kids ages 3 and up who love surprise sensory toys. The Flowfetti Tube brings an innovative twist to your child's playtime by combining the original, moldable Kinetic Sand with sparkly mix-ins. Experience a whole new world of creativity as you unbox your surprise theme: candy, beach, galaxy, and ocean. With 4 unique themed Flowfetti to collect, kids can unlock endless possibilities for imaginative play!


Each Flowfetti Tube comes with 4oz of the original, moldable Kinetic Sand in two surprise colors that sticks together for easy shaping and clean-up, providing hours of sensory play.


Collect 4 unique Flowfetti themes! Comes with two Kinetic Sand colors, one themed tool, two stamper lids, sparkly mix-ins and your tube even doubles as a roller!


Encourage pretend play, fine motor skills through tactile sensory play as kids mold and shape! Made from natural sand and magically sticks together for easy clean up!

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