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Juego Mesa Hedbanz Español / Hedbanz Picture Guessing Game for Kids and Families

Juego Mesa Hedbanz Español / Hedbanz Picture Guessing Game for Kids and Families

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The quick question game of “What am I?” is back with a 2nd edition! From Spin Master Games, Hedbanz is fun for the whole family! This new game includes 6 NEW Hedbanz- Dino, Narwhal, Robot, Flower, Butterfly, and Brain. It also has all-new illustrations to guess cards such as “I am sunglasses” and “I am a snake”. Ask creative questions like “Am I pizza?” or “Am I dog?” to figure out your card in the categories of animals, objects, and food. Hedbanz is as easy as Pick… Place… Play! Pick your favorite headband and take a picture card without looking at the drawing. Put the headband on and place the card in the headband so that the illustration is facing all players. Then, play by asking question with “yes” and “no” answers as your try to guess what’s on your card. Be the first player to collect 3 Scoring Badges to win! Hedbanz is a must-have in your collection of board games for kids 8-12, but it is fun for everyone ages 6 and up. For 2-6 players, bring along when you are in need of girls toys age 6-8, family board games, or games for kids. Hedbanz is a social activity for the entire family- a true staple for all generations. It is the classic picture guessing game that has been around for years! Whether you are searching for kids board games, fun games, or board games for kids 6-8- you are sure to laugh out loud with this new edition of Hedbanz full of color new cards and adorable headbands. Plus, the easy-to-follow instructions make playing simple for everyone. Get guessing today with Hedbanz 2nd edition! Spin Master brings the fun of children’s entertainment home by offering a range of kids toys & games including baby toys, toys for girls, and board games. Collect your favorite stuffed animals, fidget toys, RC cars, action figures, dolls & accessories + more. From special gifts for men to baby & toddler toys for kids at heart, make your birthday gifts a breeze by shopping our diverse catalog selection. Still hungry for more, explore learning + education kids games, pool toys, outdoor games, and monster trucks for any time of the year. Get creative with arts and crafts, building toys and RC cars and take the action to the table with jigsaw puzzles for adults or card games. Spin into the sandbox today with Spin Master!

  • ALL NEW GAME: It’s the 2nd edition of the quick question “What am I?” game! Includes 6 new bands- Dino, Narwhal, Robot, Flower, Butterfly, & Brain PLUS new illustrations such as a snake and sunglasses.
  • SIMPLE TO PLAY: Pick a headband, place a card in it and play to figure out what’s shown on your card. Using yes/no questions, be the first to guess 3 cards correctly and you win!
  • FAMILY GAME NIGHT: Hedbanz is a must-have in your collection of family games for kids and adults. It is for everyone ages 6 and up. For 2-6 players, bring along when you are in need of fun board games for family night.
  • SPIN MASTER PUZZLES, TOYS & GAMES: A world of jigsaw puzzles and family board games for kids, teens, and adults. Plus strategy, cards, and classic board games like dominoes, mahjong, or a chess set.
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