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Gabby's Dollhouse MerCat Bobble Kitty Furniture

Gabby's Dollhouse MerCat Bobble Kitty Furniture

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  • Join MerCat for exciting dollhouse adventures
  • MerCat comes in her signature Gabby's Dollhouse outfit
  • 3 inch lab table with hidden activation
  • Push the star to make test tubes pop up and down
  • Includes MerCat's test tube rack and kitty caboodle
  • Unbox a surprise dollhouse delivery - lab goggles for MerCat
  • Compatible with other Gabby's Dollhouse toys and sets
  • Expand your dollhouse world with additional sets


Team up with MerCat for exciting craft-room dollhouse adventures. MerCat is dressed in her signature Gabby’s Dollhouse attire and comes with her little test tube rack and her kitty caboodle! The set also includes a lab table with a hidden activation, so you can push down on the star to make the test tubes pop up and down on the counter! Then, just like Gabby does in each episode, unbox a dollhouse delivery to discover a surprise toy – a pair of lab goggles for MerCat to wear! All Gabby’s Dollhouse toys are designed to integrate with one another so, for even more ways to play, look for the Gabby Cat Friend Ship, Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse and themed Dollhouse Rooms, to build out your doll house world even more (Each sold separately)! Gabby’s Dollhouse plushies, stuffed animals, dolls & accessories, toy figures and playsets are the perfect educational toys for girls and boys that love using their imagination to create their own dollhouse world, so prepare for endless pretend play adventures with the Bobble Kitty MerCat Potion Pack! Includes: 1 Figure, 1 Test Tube Rack, 1 Furniture Piece, 1 Dollhouse Delivery, 2 Accessories
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